Among the treasures of his childhood, courses of stones and talismans, run through the nights in the pampa fields. The dome acoustic of invisible insects in the dark, thunder light flying low over a pair of golden eyes, many paths of transparent butterfly wings. Rain drops, enshrining crystal beads at the tips of the pine needles. Structural flowers, a mantle of silent stars.

At a clearing in the woods, a quiet boy who plays with his hands, he observes and devours these scenarios notes of his fiction and memory: revealing the world stage. He hears in whispers, the plot and secret passwords, with his fingers he cradles silver threads for dead insects to pose their vegetation extremes. Leaves flown from the shelter of his books crackle like autumn, fruit peels and a translucent swirl, unscrewing cathedrals. Some bird bones, broken essential counterpoint, to rattle beads on a pearl necklace, Grandma´s antique chest of jewels.

On each enlightened body, Celedonio transmutes objects of inanimate nature into powerful talismans. This ancient ancestral call, not merely to use them, but the desire to intimate with them. The bounding between the talisman and who wears it invokes this desire. This is the art of Celedonio.